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About dj Irrigation

Since 1999, DJ Irrigation, Inc. has been providing our customers with excellent service and quality products to allow them to enjoy the simple beauty that awaits them each time they step out of their door. Beautiful Green Lawns Accented with Elegant Low Voltage Lighting enhances your home like nothing else can.

We are a family owned and operated business. Joe has been in the irrigation and landscape industries for over 25 years and Darlene brings 30 plus years of customer service know how. Our service men are well trained and professional. Be assured that when it comes to providing knowledgeable and friendly service, We are the best!!

We design, maintain and repair Underground Sprinklers for residential and commercial sites. We plan our sprinkler systems to supply the best possible coverage for your grass, flowers and shrubbery while using the highest quality products at an affordable price. We continuously look for new and innovative ways to improve water usage and are exploring recycling opportunities.

Maintaining your sprinkler system is a necessity to extend the life and performance of your system.

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