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Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting is a decorative way to add beauty and security to your home. Our outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoors both day and night and is an investment you can enjoy all year long. It enhances the night time curb appeal and adds a measure of safety and security. We can provide simple pathway lighting or more detailed accents to highlight the architecture and unique features of your home. We have options for every budget.


Annual Maintenance – recommended to keep your lights operating in peak performance.
  • Inspect, clean and adjust all fixtures.
  • Provide minor trimming around lights.
  • Replace any burnt out bulbs.
  • Full Bulb Replacements. Replace all bulbs to prevent lamp failure, which occurs when one bulb burns out causing an extra load on the other bulbs.


  • Set appointment for free estimates.
  • Set up temporary lighting so you can “visualize”
    the benefits!
  • Full lighting plans
Lighting design